Master Illusionist
Matt  Adams

- performing illusions & proclaiming the Truth

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Matt Adams performing a signature routine

Master Magician Matt Adams is a professional illusionist who has traveled the world telling stories and sharing his gift of magic. Based in the southeastern USA, he has done stage shows on four continents and performed in amazing places like Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Thailand, England, Kenya, Uganda, and the Dominican Republic! He has performed his family-appropriate magic for people from all walks of life from young children to celebrities, top executives and CEOs.

Recognized in the magic community for his groundbreaking work on the Illusion Repository, Matt has also produced several online magic videos including a very popular tutorial for coin manipulation. His viewers now number in the hundred-thousands. He was published in September 2011 issue of the famous Society of American Magician's Magazine called MUM. Matt has also been published in the online magic magazine "The Magic Roadshow," distributed to many different countries world-wide.

A member of one of the world's most prestigious magic organizations - the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), Matt also has been a member of the prestigious Society of American Magicians (SAM) and the Federation of Christian Magicians (FCM) - he has also performed at such venues as the Melting Pot, the Space & Rocket Center, the Westin, Embassy Suites, the Ledges, and Bridge Street. In addition to these high-profile venues, Matt has performed at numerous churches, schools, hotels, professional organizations, country clubs, camps, and more.

In addition to his professional show (which is appropriate for all ages and settings), Matt also offers that same illusion show with a special closing message for those clients who are interested in hiring a Christian Illusionist. Matt has worked specifically with children and youth in various settings including Sunday morning Bible studies, CEF clubs, AWANA, Upward events, DNow, VBS, various school programs, summer camps, mission trips, and more for almost 15 years. Matt is also an approved Upward Entertainer and CEF performer.